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6 Money Saving Tips To Prep Your Home This Winter

Happy Holidays from 20/20 Drain Clean

Preventative maintenance is always cheaper and less stressful than the emergency a home issue can turn into. Standing ankle-deep in water as your dinner guests are knocking on the front door is not a good time to remember that you should have followed these easy steps to protect your property.

For your peace of mind we are including 6 Money Saving Tips to check off your home maintenance list before the weather turns cold. Be winter ready with these quick reminders:

1. Protect Your Hose

Disconnect all hoses and sprinkler systems to prevent standing water from freezing and bursting the lines. Insulate any exposed pipes, including those in your garage or crawl space.

2. Fix Leaks Before Weather Gets Cold

Check and repair all outdoor spigots and fixtures for leaks, and address any problems before they get worse. Call us to have professional hand assist.

3. Clear Your Gutters

Blocked gutters may create pretty icicles on your roof in the winter, but what they'll do to your wallet is not so pretty. Misdirected gutter water will find a path of least resistance and can end up leaking into your walls and ceiling... and that can get expensive.

4. Flush Your Water Heater

To get the most life and top performance out of your water heater, it is important to have it regularly flushed. Sediment build up at the base may cause longer heating times which ultimately requires more electricity. Worse yet, is the rust build up can make its way into your drinking water. Call 20/20 Drain Clean to schedule your full Water Heater inspection and maintenance including flushing any time of year for lowest price in the area.

5. Prep Your Kitchen

With the holiday cooking in full swing, remember to NEVER pour grease or oils down the drain, this can build up over time and cause some stubborn drain clogs. If this information came in just a bit too late, no worries! Give us a call and we'll have the drains cleared for you in no time.

6. Clean Your Sump Pump

Freezing temperatures can cause the sump pump to stop working. While the weather is still warm clean the sump pump and the pit in which it sits.

Make this 2017 Holiday Season safe, cheerful, and kind! From our family to yours! Happy Holidays!

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