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Toilet obstruction


Few household disasters are more nerve wrecking than watching a toilet back up and slowly begin to overflow. The causes of toilet obstructions are numerous, and warrant an immediate professional assistance. 

Delay can result in further damage. Call 703-677-0878 for a helping hand!

Tips for better toilet maintenance:

  • Flushable wipes are NOT flushable (regardless of the manufacturer's claims) - they will clog drains and will cost you more in the long run

  • DO NOT flush medicine down the toilet - water filtration systems cannot get rid of the pharmaceutical components and they ultimately end up back in your drinking water. This causes damage not only to the pipes but also your health

  • Consider installing a Bidet. Bidets provide excellent sanitation solution, and are better for the environment. Call 20/20 Drain Clean to have any Bidet installed for ONLY $125!

  • If your toilet is older than 15 years, or is not low flush, we can help you install a newer model that will operate better and save you BIG on the water bill.  

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